Big Sky Garden Railway, Nanton, Albera Canada


Casey Jones

Hello G Scale fans .... I have been posting our May 04 ... 3000 mile driving trip thru the Pacific North West on our web site ... stopped at a lot of train places ... from N Scale up thru full sized trains .. just not got this far in our trip and have lots of photos of this cool store and huge G scale layout .... :)
Shinny Rails,
Casey Jones
WOW! Wait till the foamer in training sees this
That is some layout, thanks for posting your link to the site.
Cheers Willis
Wow is right. One question though, why are all the trains hiding? I see them poking out from tunnels and round houses and such but not out in the open. Maybe there are some train hunting eagles out and about. :D :D

I stopped there a couple of years ago while travelling through, wouldn't have even known about it but for the signs in town. It is a really cool setup, and they did have lots of trains running on it when we were there. I think I liked the cogged incline the best.