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Long Winded Old Fart
I've noticed in your layout photo's U have some sharp curves & track that is not nailed down. No matter how much track I have laid over the years, sometimes I have trouble w/a spot that I haven't checked & doublechecked before I nail it down. You will learn(usually the hard way) that w/any kind of track you learn by mistakes. I know that sounds bad for a model railroader that is trying to do everything right the 1st time, well, it just doesn't happen that way especially if this is your 1st layout. So, just hang in there & all of us will get you on the right track. Remember, make the turns as big as possible & just maybe you won't get into a bind.



Long Winded Old Fart
Steve B. has a point about checking the gauge. Before I ever run anything on my layout(loco's, cars, etc.) I check the wheel gauge w/my NMRA scale.
I have found some loco's that have wheels on 1 axle just a little bit out of scale that turn well, but in a switch they derail. I have about 8 diff. brands of loco's & no matter wheather it's a Kato or an Athearn sometimes U will find a wheel that is not in scale.



Yeah you are right about the switch, infact I have to change again one of the switches I placed last and modify the piece of track joining with it.

This layout is turning out to be a nightmare, anyway I think once fixed all the problems it will be a good one.

I wil be checking my wheels distances with a micrometer to see exactly the sizes. Does anyone has a link to where I can check these sizes?


Coal Shoveler
You need to buy a NMRA HO scale gauge. Will check a whole bunch of different things. They're $8.95 retail, but you can get them cheaper. They're made of aluminum, and is about 2"x4", if that. Lightweight, can't be more than an ounce, can probably go in a stiff envelope by air.



Milwaukee Roader
I have the same problem with an SD40-2 athearn kit. I have a different one that runs very well around the layout, but this one wants to jump off the track in spots. It only happens with the rear truck, going in either direction. When I watch the wheels its almost like some are grabbing more than others, and on my 18" radius layout it doesn't take much to derail. I'm going to take the gauge to it and see what I get.


Crusty Old Geezer
With 6-wheel trucks tight radii is always a problem. Even gauging the wheels may not completely solve the problem. I have a Kato SD9 that was a "rail climber" with its trailing trucks. Changed the wheels and no more problems. Put the wheels on another problems.

Me thinks it t'was aliens. I also wear my tin foil hat when I run that engine now.


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