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Long Winded Old Fart
I have to sell a lot of O scale trains for a friend. You all that are into O & G scale. Would an ad in the paper work or should I find someone w/an Ebay site? My biggest problem is, prices. What should I do, get a catalog or find prices on the web? I'm talking about trains from the early years to 2004.
There's probably over 200 sets in this collection. Mostly O scale, but there is a log of G scale too. Then there's all of the buildings & accessories. Over 100 people in O scale. Tons of track in 027, O & G. Lots of vehicles in O scale.
Give me some idea's because I've got to start doing something right away.
How about advertising the whole collection or just part of it at a time?
Large scale is new to me since I've been into HO for so many years.



I can think of several places:

2) Model train shows/swap meets
3) Call a dealer and get a price on the lot. Toy Train Heaven advertizes in MR all the time saying they buy collections.

Of the 3, you'd probably net the most revenue from ebay, but it's also more work.


Long Winded Old Fart
I told the lady that has all these trains that EBay would be the best too, but, she doesn't want to be bothered w/all the shipping & packing part of it.
The idea about Toy Train Heaven sounds good. I buy a lot of stuff from them,
I'll contact their buyer. I just never thought of them before. There's other people that advertise about buying collections, but I'm hesitant to contact w/out knowing a little about pricing first. Thanks for the idea's.


Long Winded Old Fart
Old 97 said:
Buy the stuff yourself and then make it a part time job selling it on e-bay.:D

That's a good idea, but, you would have to loan me the money to buy all of those trains. I figure there's about 50 to 75 thousand dollars worth of trains there. Not counting all of the metal structures, etc.


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