Benchwork Question??

Jack Doran

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I have a couple of questions on My benchwork. I am getting ready to start down this path and get a layout up and running. I thought about using 1x2 with laun screwed to it and then glueing 2 in foam board down to the laun. Will this be strong enough to handle the strain of moving and other mishaps that might occur. I live in an apartment so in case move day ever comes I want something that is going to be quite strong. I want something that is going to be lightweight but yet stand up to the wether and Resist warping. I know the foam will not warp but I am worryed about the Wood frame. that might cause everything to bow.

Most layouts I've seen use 1x4s for the frame/benchwork. I believe that's the standard for most modulargroups as well. Using anything smaller may not provide sufficient support to allow you to do your track and scenery work. Then again, I suppose it might work if you're not planning on something longer or wider than a couple of feet, such as a diorama.

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Hi Jack, go with the 1x4 lumber, to properly support a model rail shelf so it didn't sag or give trouble you'd need a forest of support for it, so there'd be little if any saving money wise.

Ok guys, Could I get by without using the laun for the base of that module though or would it better to use the laun and screw and glue to the frame of 1x4's.
Jack--Not sure what you mean by using the luan as the base for the module. Yes, it can be used on top of the 1x4 benchwork, again depending on it's thickness and the span between benchwork components. You also mentioned using foam atop of the Luan which will also add strength to the overall module. Ed
Jack if the luan is like the panels around here they are quite thin, so if the price is right I'd use them, reasoning it will give you a solid base to glue the styrofoam too. I believe you could do without it, but gluing the styrofoam to just the frame work may not be the best method.
(Disclaimer) I'm no expert on this, it's just the way I'd do it :D
Papio, what I meant is, I make frame out of 1x4's then attach a piece of laun to the frame to stregthen it and then glue a piece of 2 inch foam board to the laun. My biggest modules will be 2' by 8'.

CBCNSfan, I am always open to advice I like hearing about ways to build modules. I haven't done it before so I figured I ask questions before I got into a mess that I could not get out of it or have to tear it out and restart over. I am one of those people that plan it out and try to get it right the first time.

Thanks guys for the info.