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With the level of detail you are putting into that station, either you're going to need an army to build that layout or a couple of lifetimes.

That's a commitment. When can I come over for an ops session? I've got my own coupler pick, walkie-talkie and DT400.:D

Just give me a yard, a goat, some orders, and a steady supply of trains.
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I think a couple of lifetimes is optimistic! :eek:

I don't think your DT400 will be useful - I use NCE.

What spots do you like to work? Yard, Local, Through, Passenger, dispatcher, ...?

Burt I'm hoping to start (very) limited operating sessions next year. My goal is to complete the helix by Thanksgiving. By then I'll have the Glenrock siding in as well (I think). I already have a temporary connector in from the lower level of the Frannie cutoff (where it comes out of Laurel on the NP) to the end-of-track near where Glenrock's subroadbed is laid. I'm thinking I'll try to (temporarily) use Seattle and Minneapolis staging yards as towns with industries defined on several of the tracks. Laurel will be a junction point (as it is on the plan), anfd Glenrock will be the end of a branchline. As work progresses beyond Glenrock, the new track will be incorporated into operations as practicable. Once the large junction yard at Frannie / Orin is connected to the upper end of the Frannie Cutoff, the temporary connector to Glenrock will be removed and operations as planned can commence. I anticipate that will be several years off.


Fun Lover
My love is yard work, but locals are cool, too. I'm starting to learn dispatching and with a little luck will get some practice on Bob Hartle's (11 Myth's) layout. Our club has about 7 operators, but Bob's average 20. Our dispatching is magnetic board based; Bob's is computerized. Frankly I like the board. Bob's layout is so big (3-4 levels 25' x 75') that it takes a lot of horizontal scrolling to keep everything in place. A 4 x 8 wall mounted magnet board, would keep the whole layout visible at once, and I think, and like a chess game, able to see more moves in advance. He is talking about going to 3 monitors, so we'll see.

In the yard, I like fast-paced switching and have done a bit of that. I've only done one short stint as yard master at Hartle's, but do a lot at our club--which in terms of being prototypical, well, is not. We have a lot of old-timers that like running and don't like waiting for dispatcher clearance. Many times they see an open AD track and just pull in without clearance. When this blocks access for the switchers, it can be a real PITA. There are several of us that have run real ops that are trying to get some "rules" established, but it's like the blind leading the deaf.
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Chip said:So while I salute you guys for the juggling act you continue to do with the cab controls and how well you can get it to work. I have enough on my hands with holding the radio, controller, and coupler pick to keep me busy during high powered op sessions.
Chip we have a DS that controls all train movement- other then yard moves except as explain below,road engineers that handles the trains from yard to yard..Our YMs just make up and tear down trains..The inbound/outbound tracks can be used by the yardmaster,the hostler and the DS by a simple flip of a switch.However clearance must be obtain from the DS before using the crossover from inbound/outbound tracks to the yard and engine service area.
As far as radios we use Maxxon Headsets which leaves our hands free to hold the MRC CM-20 throttles..The conductor holds the waybill for the local and we only use uncoupling tools as needed since we use KD magnets the majority of time for uncoupling cars.
We don't use any stationary cabs all cabs are hand held CM-20 throttles.We even have a working hump yard complete with puller crew...:D
If you are wondering why we haven't switch to DCC its simply because the membership doesn't want it and keeps voting it down by 95% of the popular vote since the layout operates quite well with our current DC system and why change?


Wyoming native
HaggisKennedy said:
> I don't think your DT400 will be useful - I use NCE.

Have Procab, will travel.....


When I get ready to host an operating session next year, you are invited! Bring your throttle!

Chip, you too! I'll have a yard throttle waiting!!

Y'all just need to remind me along about July of next year. By the way, I'm in New Jersey, just a short distance from Philly.

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