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Gasp, choke, splutter....Whoooeeeee! I got some fresh air here! I was definitely in withdrawal for reasons y'alled understand.

We have two different approaches here, most interesting. I can see both sides of the argument. I think, personally, having taught and facilitated learning in various ways for many years, that one of the simplest approaches to teaching is to ask questions designed to help the learner realize that they need to begin asking questions themselves. Few people can stayed tuned to a lecturer for long, so an active approach to learning is often effective.

As Chip reasons, why would anyone show up at his site in the first place unless they had accepted that they needed to self-educate if for no other purpose than to learn just the taxonomy. We all get a visual with the words "yard lead", but a newcomer knows that they have a muddy uphill slog ahead of them if they wish to get what all their earnest advisors say they need. So, Chip's visitors ARE looking. One in 20, ideally, would be merely bored, curious, or lurking for other nefarious purposes.

I also see Brakie's point. As a counsellor, the pro works very hard, and is constantly vigilant, against imparting any biases or druthers onto the process. It is a facilitation of the client's self discovery, NOT problem-solving or merely listening for a prescribed time and then advising what to do. So, the client is due respect and regard, and must be gently nudged in the direction that will lead them to conclude what they feel they should. Sounds wishy-washy, perhaps, but counselling is not advising. With something as personal as a hobby, outright advising can be risky, and may actually retard the development and enjoyment of the hobby for the person.

I'll end at this point, but I think Chip's efforts and approach are excellent as far as they go. In time, he may decide to approach the whole issue from a different direction....once he has reached the Zen, of course.

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"As far as newbies buying what ever pleases them that also applies to many modelers or what I call operating collectors.."

Lol... I still do that! :) That's why I, for now, call my railroad, such as it is, the M&M RR Co. 'cause in locomotives I have red ones, and yellow ones, black and green ones. One day I might even settle down on one line but for now I'm having fun with it the way it is. :D
I'd still like to have believable looking scenery within the boundaries of my meager abilities, that is.
Popsicle trees... hmmmmm....well, maybe if I really strained my imagination. Naaaaaay.


Tom,I have but one word for that yard..SWEET!!:D

Even my little Jackson yard had a yard lead.The first track by the edge is the main line from Logan.The second track is the lead.The other tracks was to be the engine service area,.This was to be a section of a round the walls layout that was canceled.:(
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