Bachmann N-scale 2-6-6-2 Steam Loco


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So you do not like the 2-6-6-2 Post:( , Well do any of you have any ideas on how to correct the problem:confused: I am open to suggestions other than contacting Bachmann as they do not reply.:( so lets have some input here:D
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Maybe you shouldn't be so rigid as far as having ALL wheels in-gauge?
Seems to me that compromise can be a good thing, and that trying to get a 2-6-6-2 through all possible combinations of track and turnouts IN N-SCALE means that maybe Bachmann knew what they were doing to some degree.

And I take exception to the claim that they don't reply, as I have found that when communicating with Bachmann you only have to be courteous and try to allow for their corporate system. And not be unreasonable. Keep in mind that a service tech is too highly paid to just put them on the phone whenever someone has a problem, so you have to work your way down the list.
Their customer service is rather highly rated compared to other Nscale companies, unless you're one of those impossible-to-please people.

Visit their discussion forum and try to engage both the members and the moderator known as The Bach-Man himself in your situation.
Also, there are some ongoing topics about your locomotive at the Atlas N forum.
The 2-6-6-2 has some minor issues, but nothing like what you're describing and that may be because you think all of the wheelsets MUST be in-gauge.
So many axles in a model that small means there has to be some "wiggle-room" for it to operate reliably over both good and bad track.
Lighten up, because they're not trying to screw you, and as far as nobody "Liking" your original post, I imagine what's really going on is that no members of this small Nscale forum even HAVE the same loco and therefore have no advice for you.
Go to Bachmann's and Atlas's forums where the 2-6-6-2 is actually a current topic among several members, and good luck.
I hope you get it running to your satisfaction.
Bachmann 2-6-6-2 N-Scale Loco

Keith 55,

It is not that I am as rigid as you think and I do compromise;) .
The issues here are that in order to get a locomotive to run on the Atlas Code 55 the wheel gage has to be most dead on and this is the way all of the other locos are that I run in my layout, some are older Bachman and I have no problem with them.
In reading several other forums it is clear that I am not the only person who is left out due to Bachmann’s lack of communication:mad: .
I do not in any way think that they (as you state it) trying to screw me.
I like the loco or I would not have purchased it and I will purchase more Bachmann Locos as they are one of the major manufactures of N-Scale Steam Locos.
My thought was that with all of the great reviews that this loco received perhaps I got a reject or that there was a published fix for the problem:rolleyes: .

As great as this loco looks I would think that they would be responding to the problem as there are a lot of N-Scalers out there that are using the Atlas code 55 track and some one has to have encountered this problem.

In closing I do appreciate the information that you posted.