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First I would loke to say that I am not new to the world of N Scale I have been involved with the hobby since 1973.

I recently purchased a Bachmann N-scale 2-6-6-2 Steam Loco.

When I attempted to run it on my pike it would not stay on the track so I checked the wheel gage and found every wheel was out of gage.
I corrected the wheel gage problem only to find when attempting again to run the unit that the connecting rods now hit on the valve gear on all four sets of drivers.

This is a beautiful loco (and will run on Atlas Code 55 Track if the Connecting rods would clear the valve gear) but I want it to operate correctly.

The reviews that I have read (prior to making the purchase) indicated that the Locomotive’s wheels conform to the NMRA standards but the one that I purchased did not.

In doing a web search I discovered that I am not alone with this problem, however I did not see any fix posted.

I contacted Bachman and they said send it back and they would repair or replace it.
So I returned it as directed.

About 3 weeks later I received a new Locomotive from Bachmann.

I was excited, took it down to my hobby room checked the
Gage of wheels with my NMRA standards gage and found that all of the wheels were out of gage, I corrected the wheel gage put, it on the track and attempted to run it, well the tie rods hit on the valve gear on this locomotive the same as the first one.

Now I would like to know why this locomotive's wheels are not in gage?
This is the same problem that I had with the first one and now persists with the replacement.
It dose not comply with the N-scale NMRA standards when checked (Not even close).

If I correct the wheel gage so that it meets the standards the connecting
rods hit the valve gear and bind thus making the unit unable to run (different Locomotive and the same problem).

Today I received the November issue of Model Railroader Magazine and on page 102 is a review of this locomotive and they claim that all of the wheels on the sample "have NMRA RP-25 contours and match the standards gage", either they are not telling it like it is or I have another reject.

It will not go through my Atlas code 55 turnouts or through the crossings
and yes I have checked the turnouts and crossings for correct gage as well.

I have several other locomotives that have run right out of the box; however the wheels on them were all in gage (not Bachmann).

I know that I could cannibalize the loco to make it run but I keep thing about the article in this months MR. In the article they claim that the sample unit that they had for review had the wheels all in gage and of the correct contour, secondly I paid good money for the loco and it should be engineered and assembled correctly from the factory.

I have several other Bachmann steam locos that were of far less quality and about 1/3rd of what I paid for this one and I had to correct the wheel gage to get them to run on the Atlas code 55 track but they do not have any interference between the connecting rods and the valve gear.

The loco is a good looking unit with nice detail; I like it and want it to operate correctly.

I was contacted by Ginny of Bachmann on Wednesday (10-12-05 I think that she is a shipping clerk).

She said that the replacement was from the second batch and that there was no problem with them.
I explained the problem to her one more time.

Then she advised me to contact Lee Riley the engineer that designed the locomotive and talk to him about my problem.
She went on to tell me that Lee is out of town most of the time.
I ask for a phone number were I may contact him and e-mail address, neither of which did she have or was willing to get for me.

This next week I will attempt to get a phone number and or e-mail address for Lee Riley and contact him to see if there is any resolution to this.

Has anyone visiting this site had this problem with this Locomotive?

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