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How do you draw your own avatar? The stock ones are great, but a custom one would be fun. What programs can be used that don't cost a fortune?



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Corel Draw, Microsoft Paint, Any photo program, lots of image editors--some freeware. Basically anything that will make a bitmap.


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In addition to Chip's answer, you can also use other graphic formats (.gif, jpg, etc.) that are permitted for attachments. The only limitation is that he maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 90 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).


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I used Print Shop to make mine. Send me a rough sketch of what you want & I'll make something for you. Send me a private message w/your email addy & I'll send you my email & then you can send me what you want. No charge. I make business cards & stuff for my friends all the time. I really like doing that stuff. Sometimes it takes a few hours, but it's worth it.

Having a little trouble editing that last message, it was supposed to say in paint, not in pain. How do I edit it?


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Matthew, Click the Edit button at the bottom of your post if you want to change it, but I thought it was funny. I'm always in pain when I try to draw something. :D


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dthurman said:
What a Wankel (sp) ;)

He,he...it only took me 2 hours to get it here! :D

I am far from computer literate! ( Just look at the stack of broken machines at my hobby shop! I can break ANY COMPUTER, ANYWHERE! ) :eek: ;) :D :rolleyes:

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Rotorranch said:
I just find something I like on the web, and snag it! ;) :D :eek:



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I just find something I like on the web, and snag it!
Well, up to a point. Many sites that offer graphics and smileys specify the conditions under which you can (or can not) use their images. Others are quite strict about copyrights, so check before you simply "snag" it. Forum policy is that you can NOT post copyrighted material without permission from the creator/owner


dthurman said:
So Mickey Mouse and the UP logo are out ;)

Uh, yeah... :) Though I think there may be a UP logo in the Avatar selection. I got those as a part of a commercially sold font set, and so I presume the font's creator took care of the permission from UP. I also got his permission to use them as forum avatars.

As LR said, please respect copyrights. Often if you ask permission, you'll get it, but please be kind to the person who created the artwork and at least ask.


I was half joking, though Disney has been known to be very tough on their trademark uses, I think an avatar is a whole different area as far as copyright or fair use goes, now if your web forum used him, then I think it could be bad.

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