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Well that did not work. Back to watching the Vikings who are about as good at football as I am with this computer


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Near the top of the page, in the BLUE band that has
" User CP ----- FAQ ----- Members List ----- Active Topics ----- New Posts ----- Search ----- Quick Links ----- Log Out "

Click on User CP this will bring you to your User Control Panel from here you can edit your public information and keep it up to date. You may also select an Avatar of your choice, or load one of your own choosing from your hard drive.

On the left side of your screen there will be a box with a blue background This is your Control Panel,
In the settings and options block of this panel you will find that in the 5th selection down is a selection Edit Avatar select this one, Click and the Edit Avatar page will show. You may select NONE, one from the 20 pages of avatars or if you have a custom one at home on your PC it is possible to select that choice and upload it.
Try that and see how you make out, I'll check back later to see how you did.




Think of the avatar like a photo you are posting, only on your control panel under your profile area, place the link for the avatar there. Hope that makes sense.
try one of the presets. Mine is one.
Wish I could use the one I drew though. No .bmp files though.
just click on one and "Save settings"


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CBCNS....thanks, but I got it! ;) I just had to steal it from the other vBull forum I hang out at! But thanks for offering! :D


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Here's an idea for a quicker search of new posts on all of the forums. For viewing the ACTIVE TOPICS, I use the drop down menu above, it's a speedy way of viewing the latest topics since your last visit. This list is compiled from ALL forums. Topics that have messages you haven't read will be in bold print . It's found on the Navigation Bar under "Active Topics" as shown in my previous post

An easierway to get to your control panel edit your information or change your Avatar or settings is found under " Quick Links" on the same Nav Bar. Below is a list of the functions available there. I forgot all about one silly me EH!

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User Control Panel
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If you have any questions on this , well let's have them :D

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