Autorack Project



Thought I'd post a pic of a couple of my autorack upgrading attempts


The top car is a stock Micro-Trains auto rack while the second and third cars are ConCor.The CNW car has NSN upgrade panels on it while the GVR car has JnJ panels.While both panels are a HUGE improvment I think I prefer the JnJ panels.

I also have a set of panels from Plano.They have just about every style panel ever used if you want a real varieity in your racks.

I need to do something with those thick stirrups on the ConCor cars but haven't decided just what yet.
Nice work on all 3. How did you remove the panels on the con-cor cars?
On most of the ConCor racks you can slide a #11 blade between the panel and the carbody and the panel will just pop right off.This is an easy though expencive way to upgrade the cars.At todays list prices that GVR car cost more than the MT car at the top. :(