ATHERN Challenger

Price for Athern's Challenger has been dramatically reduced before delivery. I've heard that Lionel who is in big trouble will deliver remnants of their Challengers for low price.

Here in Germany price for Athern's Challenger is fallen from 570,- Euro to 350,- Euro ($685 to $420,-). I've heard Trainland sells for $269,- .

Is this Athearn loco out yet? I looked at one of my supplier's catalogs and there is no mention of it, he doesn't even have it with the expected new releases.

Cheers Willis
The loco is now in production and will be delivered within this month! Hope the sound is as good as known from Quantum sound decoders.

As far as I know, it will be delivered within the next 7-14 days (according to Horizon). They may sell out quickly due to the large price decrease, so dont wait too long!! ;)