Athearn Genesis SD70MAC Problems


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I bought a brand new Athearn Genesis SD70MAC, and when i set it on a hard flat surface, not all the wheels make contact with the ground, making it impossible to run it. Also right out of the box, none of the forward lighting works, ditchlights or headlights. Why is this? Is this something to be expected from Athearn Genesis?
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I don't think you should be having problems like that with a Genesis, but stuff happens. Sometimes, the frame is warped, which could be the reason why the wheels aren't all on the ground.

The wiring issue may be caused by not all of the wheels touching the track. Or, something's been disconnected.

You kinda wonder if this unit is damaged in some way before it was boxed up....

From what I have read, a lot of people had the same problem as you with the wheels. The problem was warped trucks. Don't know why your lights arent working :confused: Like bnsfjth said, contact Athearn, I'm pretty sure they will fix your problem. I have two SD70MAC's, I didnt have any problems with them.


Also, Dont stop buying Athearn Genesis models just because of these two problems. They are some of the finest locomotives out there!
All of my SD75M's work great, BUT I a simular problem with an early P2K unit, (not mentioning much), mine was bought off eBay "New"