Athearn Genesis F3A Wheel Help


Say on the Athearn F3A Genesis Series Locomotives,Hpw do I take the wheels out from yje Trucks.You see I want too have these Engines in my Rail Yard,And take the wheels out & put in Plastic ones.So that it won't move,so dose anyone have any ideas how I can remove these,Hope too hear from ya soon Thanks. :p
take the wheels out & put in Plastic ones.
Are you serious? There's a lot less drastic ways of stoping an engine than that. :D
Disconnect the motor leads, or better still, to keep the engine intact should you ever want to use it again put in a plastic rail joiner in the track so that you have a piece of unpowered track for it to sit on. If you want to use the track with power at times put in a switch to turn the power off/on as you wish.
Cheers Willis
Ok Thank You!,But how do I take the Shell Off & Remove the Connector too the Trucks,Or how do I Remove the Wheels from the Power Trucks.This is what I want too do maybe someone else can help me.
You're Welcome, sorry I don't have any of the Genisis Locos, all mine, well they're old. Maybe some of the more knowlegible members will know how to correctly take the shell off. But just to kill some time why didn't you buy a dummy loco, it would have been cheaper, and you wouldn't have to modify it.
Cheers Willis
I haven't taken one apart in a while, but I do believe that you need to remove the front coupler from the box, spread the body sides to allow the frame to slip down. Once you have that off, just disconnect the wires to the motor. they are the wires that come up to the middle of the electronic board the routes the power. the easiest thing to do is just put it on a piece of track in the engine service area that doesn't have power.
It would probably be easier to isolate the rails you want to park the engine on, rather than replace the wheels with plastic ones. If you want to run the engine as a dummy, I'd disconnect the wires from the motor, again, easier than replacing the wheels.

Just my 2 cents.