Around the walls of the room


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Greetings! I have been reading and learning in the forums for several weeks and have finally decided to participate. Sorry for my lack of technical details.

I am considering building an around the outside walls of the rooms layout in my basement. I am thinking of having the around-the-room portion be 88" above the floor to be above all windows and doors. My reasoning is that we still would like to use the room to entertain and thought it would be a neat touch to have the rail operating in the background.

I am also considering having it come down at some point to a switching/staging yard. Here I was thinking of using a helix and either having it hidden in the next room or incorporating it into a mountain.

If it's not crazy enough, I would like the train to pass through a bar area "inside" the bar. It could either be a glass top war or inlaid glass windows so it could be viewed as it passed. I would then have a more complete switch yard behind the bar.

I have already purchased an entire 2 rail O gauge set from an old guy from church. I wasn't sure whether or not I was ready to get into this, but he offered me a deal I couldn't pass up. The set roughly includes 2 power units (1 is an A-B type unit and the other is a switch engine), miles & miles of track, all sorts of scenery (including 1500 pine trees), buildings, a turn table and round house.

My basement is 1 17.5 x 21 room adjacent to a 23.5 x 13 room. It has 9' ceilings so I will have 1'8" between track and ceiling.

Tell me if anyone has ever seen anything like this, has any pictures or ideas to share on it, or just general input at all. Thanks!
Hi Clark, and welcome to the forum! That's a novel concept to be sure - an above-eye-level layout, at least there's no need to worry about duckunders! :D I wish I had the kind of space you have, to actually do something like that. My layout is a measely 48" off the floor.