Arizona Model Railroading Society


Central Phoenix Railroad
Hello everyone,
Sense everyone was talking about there model railroad club I thought I'd share the club I'm a almost a part of (haven't sent the application form in yet.) Anyway here is the site: They currently are building the N and HO Layouts. I'm sure that the've completed the G scale layout though. One thing that I think is cool is that it's right across from a live steam club (kind of expensive to join: about $150 to start!!!) :mad: Anyway let me know what you think of the club.

Chris Moore

P.S. A junior member in the club only has to pay $10 a year!!!!!! :p :D
Can't wait to get an email or phone call.
LOL, I hope you're a good worker, looks like they have a ways to go yet. On the serious side of it, there looks to be some very talented members doing a real neat job on the layouts, so it's a good time to get in on the basics, a great chance to learn how to do it.
Cheers Willis