'Area 51' Groom Lake, NV. My Old Layout

Storage Depot 41 was the location for the scrapping of around 7000 surplus aircraft in the two years following WW2. Anyone who's been to Kingman will know there's a railway running past the field where the planes were scrapped. The smelted aluminium and steel parts were shipped out by train, so the layout was based on that theme. N scale, 11ft 6in by 2ft 6in, built in three sections, and designed for continuous running, plus keeping the trains visible for as much of the time as possible so viewers don't get bored.

When I start a new thread for that layout, I'll add a link here, but for now, here's the track plan.

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Very cool layout! Interesting theme, and well-done. Judging by the size of the layout, it must be N scale, correct?

I like the way you built the control tower over a clear plastic box.
Hi, yes it's N scale. I switched to N around 1979/80 and never looked back. I've built both British and American in N scale, and still have stock and locos dating back to then, but I bought some Life Like and Athern locos over the last few years and was so impressed with the quality compared to back then!!
I've just fixed several broken picture links at the start of this thread, so "Area 51" should be visible again. I know the layout was bought and sold several times since I built it. I wonder where it is now.
Aren't you afraid that you have trespassed on highly classified territory? I mean, might your neat layout be subject to assault by, say 1/144 scale "black" helicopters or drones? :eek:;) Seriously, great layout!