Anyone know of a reliable...

Morning Ya'll,

I just purchased & received a Rivarossi 4-6-2 Locomotive the other day and it is awesome. Runs great and looks great also. :)

Unfortunately it is not set up for DCC control or sound. I would like to have it converted however, since I have never installed a decoder or sound unit I am reluctant to try to do it myself and worry about messing up this nice locomotive.

I would appreciate some recommendations of anyone (professional) who does this and could do this for me and the approximate cost to equip this unit with decoder, sound and speaker?

Thanks for any recommendations,
I know of two. Tony's Train Exchange in Vermont and Litchfield Station in Arizona. I have heard good comments about both. I know the NMRA web site lists a couple of others in the DCC section. In either case, the price will be up there because the engine is probably going to be taken apart completely to get wiring to the tender and to isolate the motor on the frame.

Bob A.
I think I will end up selling this unit and buying one that is already equipped with the DCC decoder (with sound...maybe?). Installation sounds complicated and/or expensive to have it done.

I have read that some folks like a seperate sound system for their layouts since many decoders are too loud in a small layout room and have no volume controls. Any thoughs, suggestion or comments on this?

it is unfortunate that the cost to bring your Engine up to a DCC level with sound will probably cost as much if not more than a new Broadway limited already equipped. Even if you were to do the work yourself, the Sound Decoder, speaker, and wiring is going to be around $160.

I have several Sound equipped engines on the layout and all of them have a configurable volume so they can be turned down fairly easily and in my opinion :rolleyes: having the sound move with the engine is alot more realistic than most sound systems which has speakers permanently set in areas. I am sure that if you layout is relatively small, then there may or may not be much difference.

the good news about most of the Broadway limited engines is that they operate in both DC and DCC and they all have a little tuning pot somewhere on the engine to turn the sound up or down. Don't have the manual here so i am not sure which CV (configurable Value) will do the same thing.

Good luck. I am sure which ever way you decide will be enjoyable. I know mine is. :D

bob A.
Well I did it :)

Well I broke down and ordered a Broadway Limited J1e 4-6-4 for my railroad. Tony's Train Exchange has many engines on sale and I figured for $211 bucks I could'nt go wrong.

Now all I have to do is finish laying the track on my layout. I have about 1/4 of it done so far but have not started wiring it yet that will come later. Thanks for all your input it really helped me make a decission to buy a loco already equipped and ready to roll.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Well Bob,

That is a good deal. :D You can't go wrong. i know it would have cost you more than that to have someone convert your other engine.

What DCC System are you planning on using?