Anyone else into O gauge?


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I posted this on the O scale by accident,but it belongs here.
Anyone else into O gauge trains.
My interests are Lionel (all eras),Marx,Flyer,just about anything tinplate.

Carl T.
Hi Carl.
Yes, I'm into O scale, mostly lionel and some K-Line. I been thinking about buying some Williams Trains. I've heard a lot of good things about them. Right now I'm just doing a little running, and mostly collecting, but will have a layout in the near future.

Welcome to the Model Railroad forum Carl,
I'm into O scale, gauge and S scale. I haven't run my Lionel for years but still have it boxed away. Nothing beats a floor layout that takes up the whole house. :D Never really been into collecting per say, just stuff that I like, and I've repainted and kit bashed some Lionel stuff.

Glad to be here guys.
I don't have a layout right now so I run 'em on the living room floor.
It works for me right now for the time being.

Carl T.
Been a Lionel man for ten of my fourteen years. K-Line is always second, then Weaver, then Williams, then MTH is dead last.
RR Redneck said:
Kitbashing? Repainting? On a Lionel? Are you insane?
Hey now I resemble that statement. :D Of course it was broken or previously marred equipment. I'm too cheap to buy good stuff for my modeling....