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ello, any of you have any good HO scale track plan ideas for a small room that is the size of 11' by 12' with a two foot door in the corner. i would like it to have two continous tracks for the mainline, two or three stations, and not to cluttered. Maybe one 4-6 track train yard. maybe one or two spurs. any help would be appreciated

here is the room i have to work with.
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Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately, you are not giving us enough to work with. You have a vision of what you want, but we can't see it. Try reading the Beginner's Guide clickable from my signature. Takes about 5 minutes.
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i can plan a model railroad for you, the only things i need to know are, the minimum radii, where the door is, does the door open in or out, how much space does to the door take up ect. Just let me know that and i will be very happy to design a model railroad for you.

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okay here is the design of the room i have with the dimensions of the space i have to work with, and the door. i would like the layout to have two stations (one in a downtown setting and one in a small town) i would like a city, and a small town, with rural and forest inbetween. this should be two tracks for the mainline. maybe six tracks in a yard downtown. i dont think i have space for a staging yard, but if it can be added i without cluddering the table i would like it to be added.


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it appears that your room is similar to the 12x12 room that model railroader has used for layout design contests. iain rice has a book "mid-sized and manageable track plans" that has several plans for that size room in it. best price i have found for it online is at

you should probably include dimensions for all four walls of the room and also the location of any windows and their height from the floor.


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I'd second reading Chip's beginners guide. Only takes a couple of minutes and it's time well spent.

You might also begin thinking of some of the design criteria that you haven't yet mentioned but is crucial to the design process.

Do you want point to point, continuous run (like a circle), point to loop, loop to loop, other words, what style of running interests you?

How about duckunders? Is a duckunder OK, or do you want a walk-in design? What about a swing gate or a drop leaf?

There are a ton of things that have to be decided before pen ever meets paper (or fingers meet keyboard & mouse as the case may be).

A model railroad can consume a lot of time and money. Do your homework and do it right the first time.

Read, ask questions, dream, ask more questions, read more.....then you'll have a good idea of what you're after and how to go about doing it.

Seriously though, give Chip's beginners guide a read. You won't be sorry.

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