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Master Mechanic
Seems we have another suit that has been going on since earlier this year. Anyone who uses FOSS, (Free Open Source Software), or the JMRI suite of programs will be interested in this. The outcome of this case sould affect all uses of this type of software. :mad:

I highly recommend that you read the entire article and related links.:confused: It takes some time, but well worth it.

Once there, click on "KAM Dispute" or the "here" at the end of the last paragraph.

Seems like someone is trying to capitalize on someone elses work.:mad:


Diesel Detail Freak
Sounds familiar. Not to pcik them out, BUT recently, at work (Wal*Mart tire & lube express), a gentleman came in, we denied his oil change cause the drain plug, well literaly fell out. He went to management and complained stating we did his last oil change, which coonveintly happened to be 7000 miles ago. So according to our computer he was over by 4000! We hinted att he fact that he changed it himself, screwing up the drain plug. He mistakenly (well sort of) admited he "has changed his oil in the past." Yesterday he came back with a $513 bill for the oil pan. Which, management being as they are, Wal*mart is now paying. We all still think he did it himself, over tightened, and striped the pan.

Anyways, we'll have to see how this one goes here.


Lazy Daydreamer
In the corporate computing world, there was (is?) a similar issue brewing. A company called SCO claimed that some of the Open Source code used in the Linux operating system was "theirs" and started sending letters demanding royalty payments to various companies that were running Linux-based servers. Nobody knew who was going to be targeted next, SCO just pulled names out of a hat. This had a large number of IT departments putting their Linux plans on hold, and Darl McBride (President of SCO) became the Most Hated Person among the IT community.

I think the courts must have finally ruled against SCO, because I haven't heard anything more about this during the past few years - and many organizations (including my employer) are still using Linux.

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