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D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
I didn't think I would get much response but last week I put out a message that I would conduct an op session on the D&J Railroad if I got enough responses. There were enough, so the past few days I've been putting together trains and way bills to keep the operators busy for about 6 hours.

Staging area where trains from outside the operating division come from. They will be delivered to the Balfour yard were they are classified for delivery to the appropriate industry. Local train time tables are established to keep the east bound or west bound track open for run through trains. The staging area is below the operating area of the layout. A 60 foot run of double track brings these trains up to the upper level. Some locomotives will require helper service out of staging.


The Dig Deep coal facility where coal drags come from and empty coal trains return for more. Hopper capacity is over 150.
The Chief Oil facility where petroleum is what moves the railroad. This cut of tankers are awaiting pickup by the next train that drops off empties.


The Buckeye power plant were coal trains are delivered.
The Lodie auto loading facility which is next to an auto assembly plant. This can load 9 auto racks before they are moved over to the ready tracks for pickup. There are 15 auto racks in que awaiting pickup by the next local west bound freight.


The Balfour yard were all trains originate for this division. Trains from the staging yard are brought here first then broken down for local train either running east or west. Road switchers aren't permitted in the yard. They pick up their trains on one of the two A/D tracks on the right. A coal drag will be the first train out tomorrow, heading for the Buckeye power plant.


Tomorrow's op session will be a UP motive power or whatever the operators want to bring. They will be staged on the forward most track on the yard which is the loco ready track where servicing and fueling takes place.


D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
Op session went well today. Had four operators show up. Not a big crew but each had his own train assignments through the afternoon. Six local freight drags delivered their assignments and picked up freight cars destined for the main classification yard. Eight trains were destined for outside the division which is represented by the staging yard in the lower tracks. Six trains came into the operating division for further classification to the local industries. The new addition of the Lodie auto rack facility saw a pickup of 15 loaded auto racks and drop off of 11 empties. This was the first op session where I had one of the operators spot cars in one of the grouped industries. Had a little dead track issue pop up there which will have to be fixed before the next op session.
Op session ran from noon till just after 6pm. Did some programming on an MTH model of the Yellowstone.

Working a run through train past a freight peddler.

Spotting freight cars at the loading docks.

A mixed freight coming across the Diablo Canyon bridge always draws attention of other train crews.

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