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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
No clearance? No problem!

This old bridge over the CSX is from the L&N days. It was cut away to provide clearance for autoracks and container trains. I couldn't help but think about the modeling possibilities it presents.

Top view with an autorack passing thru.


Diesel Detail Freak
Heck, a little bit of a ramp, and that Trans Am, and you'd have a Smokey & the Bandit mock scene!

Interesting, might have to pass it along to my dad.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Hi Josh. A model of the bridge might make for a neat scene to underscore the era and theme of a layout. It's interesting that they didn't just remove the whole thing.


Lazy Daydreamer
... It's interesting that they didn't just remove the whole thing.
I'd have thought that in today's lawsuit-crazed society, they'd remove all of it. Even with barriers and warning signs all over the place, some idiot will still find a way to get hurt on it and sue the railroad...:rolleyes:


Drum Driver
Maybe the first double stacker removed it!! :D Your right that would make a great modeling idea. Allot build usable items on their layouts, but forget about what use to be there. (or could have been) It would be nice to have that and a newer bridge next to it and the old road that was rerouted. I always like seeing an deteriated abandoned rail line weeded up. It's nice to have extra room to add stuff like that. I am always looking for ways to paint/stain old boards like that. I have studied well rotted board to try to copy that. What are some of you guy's tips?


Probably every layout or module set of mine has some abandoned roadbed or infrastructure to give it a sense of history. Something about old mainlines or branches or spurs missing rails or ties, but with weeds to spare just fascinates me. Of course, seeing as how I live in the rust belt, there are old roadbeds and remnants of "how it used to be" everywhere. Not to mention my main interest (real world and modelling) is in mining, which leaves many old tracks and structures lying around.

Here's a pair of old rail bridges carefully raised to allow double stacks under. Ain't much clearance, but it's enough. Though if you scratchbuilt something like the foreground bridge just to rust it up and sit it there with no tracks on it, a casual visitor might think you're crazy. Taken somewhere in Toledo OH last summer.

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