An awesome Train Cam movie.....


The Edmonton Model Railroad Association has posted a 17 minute train cam movie that is really something to see. I think I am correct on this, so tell me if I am wrong... but I did not see the same scenery twice in the entire movie. Their layout must really be mammoth ! They list 380 feet plus as mainline only, and in spite of the small viewing screen... it is an outstanding video.

It takes a long time to load... but worth every minute.

I saw this video on another forum. It is great but takes a very, very long time to load. Don't even attempt with dial-up.
Wow! Graceful trackwork, cool scenery, and a Loooong run. I like it!:D I'd like to see a side view of that long curved trestle...

BTW, Thank God for high speed internet.;) That was alot of video!
I'm envious! Wow! Speechless!!

I think I can make a full circuit of my MR in under 60 seconds.

Truly impressive

Wow that is alot of trackage. Id LOVE to have that much space, since I dont, it makes the video that much better. worth the wait. If you want ot watch it on a bigger screen, right click the link, choose save as, then you can open it as often as you like w/o waiting for the download each time.

I know someone who used be a member of their club. He really praised their layout, especially the fact that's on two floors!

Now I understand him LOL.
WOW, that was cool!:D

If that doesn't provide inspiration to get back down to the basement and work on the layout some more, I don't know what does.

That must be a fun club.
Thats awsome, I might have to invest in a camera for my trains, just so I can do a video like that!!!

I wanna know where they got that soundtrack from!!

BTW, on my SLOW DSL it took only about 3 minutes to load the full video.