a tale of a tree

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grove den

naturally natural trees

Viorel: These trees are just great, uhhhm I mean so small:eek: It is almost artwork!!
I am an N scale fan too! and I think when make pictures so close to the trees you made( without your girlfriend;) )in this( N) scale and the trees still look very realistic, and they do, You have done a great job!!
Thank you for sharing your pictures all the way from the "Balkan "countries


grove den

naturally natural trees
Good morning Viorel,

I use the fibres they use in gardenpondfilters. I cut them in very very small pieces, about max. 5 mm and collect them in an empty shoebox or something like that. I glue them with aircanglue( "BISON")( glue that you can spray out of an aircan..) and only on the outside of the twigs. Becarefull...not to much
And than I add the small cutted fibres on it, just let it fall gentle over the perepherie of the tree. Than I twist the tree between my fingers holding it at the groundpin and you can see that most of the fibres will "fly"away..
Mostly you have to help with your fingers and pair of siccorsto shape these small trees.
If the tree has become wwhat you have expected I paint the tree with paint out of an aircan(aerosolpaint? )Because it is scale N I prefere to use also ,after glueing the fibres, grassfibres from Noch or Busch or Faller, most important is: not to big grassfibers...I glue them too with a little bit of aerosolglue. After adding these grassfibers the tree is ready to be "leaved"
You can use the Woodland fine turf or the "micro flocken from Noch or anything that is not to rough for trees in N scale And it is also a matter of taste, or where do they grow: at the front, almost before your eyes, or in the background...
These are things you have to find out by yourself on your own layout. If you understand the german language just look at: > www.pikoman.de < Apfelbäume) or: > www.matthias-modellbahn.de <

wish you lot of succes..Jos

p.s. add two pict. pict 1:tree with blue fibres= rough and pict.2 :shrub with white fibres/or green = fine
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Thanks for the detailed message, Jos. I'll have to find something similar here in Romania, I'll start searching tomorrow :).

The fibers seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. No matter how thin is the wire I'm using, I'm not happy with the number of branches I'm able to put on a tree. I'll definitely give it a try to fibers, as it seems the way to increase the number of branches several times than I've done until now.

Can you please help me with a picture of a garden pond filter (I'm ashamed, but I must admit that I don't know what to look for to buy :eek: ) ?


grove den

naturally natural trees
Viorel I just posted something on your own website!:)
I'll post as soon as possible some pictures or web site were you can see what I ment...


Here it is, It is a german website: > www.aqua-funzoo.de < When you found it click on: Filtermasse( on the left side) and watch on page 12 Filter grün grob.. I add some pictures and look on this forum the thread : How to make trees and shrubs. BTW the oaktree is 8 cm...
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