A scratchbuild project for some time in the future


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Here are some photos of a building that I intend (at some time TBD) to make for my layout. This was Benhams Elevator back when I was a kid growing up in Canandaigua, NY and I remember going there with my Father to get feed for our dairy cattle. The building dates to the early 20th. Century and would have been a busy place back in 1925 (The time on my layout).




We used to load up the pickup truck with burlap bags of feed right here:


Two RR sidings serviced the building. One behind the building that brought in grains and sent out bags of feed to nearby areas. The other was reserved for tank cars of molasses. Molasses was mixed with the feed as it was mixed for the various stock feeds.




Some other shots of the building:


That sounds like a great project Ray. The fact that you remember the trips there with your Dad is justification enough, but it's also an awesome old structure.

I'm looking forward to seeing it come together.
Nice pictures and cool project. The possiblities are endless with that type of building. Having memories tied in would make it a great thing to do. Guess if you are modeling the 20s era you better boot that gas meter. LOL Good Luck.
Heck it's for sale. Buy it and use a shrink ray. (No pun intended.) Evidently, you can download them from your PS3. At least that's what the guys on TV did.
Or better yet setup a giant train layout inside it and then make a model of it to put on that layout!! That would be sweet!
If I was "Very Rich", I would buy the place and get a club going. You could have quite a layout inside the warehouse portion (right side). Not sure I would want the heat bills though......