A New and Modern KATY Paintscheme.

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(This is for critique!)

Inspired by the current-day Rock Island paint schemes in another recent post, I decided to update the KATY's classic red/white and green/yellow "stripes" just for fun. :) I actually may paint a diesel locomotive in this modern paintscheme. What do you think?


I may do a few more..perhaps a Frisco, MoPac, CNW, and perhaps even a new (gasp) Southern Pacific Scheme! Stay tuned.
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Excellent paint schemes for sure, but I'd definitely go with green. KATY is synonomous with green, in my mind.

If you're serious about modeling a modern KATY, you can always join the ever-growing club of modern-day fallen flag modelers. Here is how we stand:

1. Rock Island (3 different modelers alone!)
2. Southern
3. New York Central


I like them both, but as stated earlier, Green and Yellow are Katy colours! If you are serious about modelling the paint scheme, I would suggest adding a K to Katy. The criss-crossed stripes forming the K are cool, but in a prototypical sense, it is too hard to read.

Regardless, I hope to see a model of one of those schemes some day! (you should have helped UP with their heritage engine!)


Got 'em painted yet? Where's the pics? Not a KATY fan,but I am a fan of any fallen flag brought up to the present day.:D
Well, Inspired by this paintscheme, I think I'll go forth with this Idea, if only for a single unit, I may do more. Here's what the Final version would look like.


Designed for me by Andrew.
I really like your original design better. Just add the "K" but leave everything else the same. The last font doesn't seem to fit the scheme to my eyes. I really thought the first two were special, even the red.

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What you may want to do is add a second horn on too! Nathan P5 in front and a Leslie S3L in back. I dunno why but it be sorta like proto.


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Well what are u waiting for????:eek: :p

Show the FRISCO....

Get them SD70s and get busy man!:D :D :D :D :D

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: waiting....still waiting....


They all look great!
I agree with tcwright re: the lettering on the last Katy. The first font looks better to me. You could even use the slanted font that you used for the number 5900 on the last one. The font for the road name and the number should be the same style IMO.


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Very nice schemes, Miles! I was just thinking earlier today, what would a modern CB&Q unit look like? I am looking forward to seeing these turn into reality!

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