a few weathering questions...


I'm fairly new to model railroading but certainly not modelling, and I'm noticing that weathering a model railroad car is nothing like weathering say, aircraft like I've been used to...(this is seemingly more fun too!) Anyways, could someone answer a few questions for me please...I've already searched this forum and got LOTS of good answers, but here are some questions I just need to ask...

1.What is the best way to add graffiti? (haven't seen any threads on this...)
2.What color would be a good base for weathering trucks? I plan on painting them, then drybrushing...
3.Would it be safe to use isopropyl alcohol on my cars to "fade" the lettering, or is there a better way?

I hate to ask all these questions, but I'm just beginning to learn this whole new thing. Any help would be great!

They have graffiti decals out there, that's the simplest way, but pricey. Alternately, you could use a fine brush to brush whatever you want onto the sides.

Grunge color is usually the best to make dirty weathering solution. The gunk that's on the bottom of the bottle you use to clean your paintbrush is a good start.

Iso Alkey sometimes is used to remove decals, so that might not be the best choice. Somebody else can suggest a better product to lighten lettering.

I use grafitti decals and fine point markers in white or black for grafitti. To fade lettering I use super-fine sand paper. I mean SUPER fine. I use the finest grit and then wear it out first before I use it. This can be used to remove lettering from freight cars. Try it on a junker car first.

Quite a few sites have graffiti decals so I'd say that's the easiest way albeit pricey. My fave graffiti decals are from sunsetwestproductions.
If you don't wanna go that route and have some skill drawing free hand you can use either very fine tipped markers or paint pens.
I think on one car I did back in the day used a graffiti decal. All the dozens and dozens of other times I had to hand paint them. A very fine expensive brush, some acrylic paints, and lots of patience. ;)
hey aggro, do you have any pictures of ones you have done in the past?












That's some great graffiti !!! VERY NICE WORK!! What's that lady doing by the tracks in the yellow dress???
WOW! Thats some awesome looking graffiti! I really want that GWS boxcar! How did you get the rust spots like that!? Do you allow the oil paint to partially dry or something before wiping it down to make it streak? Looks great though!!!!!


are the chipped rust spots on apalachicola northern just paint, or is there something else going on there?
i've been trying for that effect myself, but haven't been able to create it.