A few pics from today's railfanning trip.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Hi all. LGM went to work with me today and we just happened by some CSX action...;) I thought ya'll might be interested. It's amazing how much action you can get into at the throat of a major rail yard. To coin a phrase from my real estate agent, it's all about location. :D

These shots were all taken at various places around Boyle's Yard.

Road Power on the Wye.

Some of the action we saw at the south approach to the yard.


Train moving thru several crossovers.

Freight approaching from the south. There were some idiots running thru that crossing, BTW. We saw one guy parked inside the gates waiting for a train to exit the crossing. When the last car passed his position, he floored it without looking. The train pictured was not far from the crossing on a parallel track that could easily have T-boned him had the timing been right. :eek:

Cool signal. I guess we can mix searchlight targets with three holers on our layouts... :D
Hey Grande Man,what's up? Your photos are neat.About what time did you two go by Boyles? I came through that area some time around 12:40 to 12:45pm. The way you would have known it was me,was the county Health Department van I was in. If you would like to do some more,maybe we could get CJ and maybe one or two others,see what's running around here? What do you think? Take care boss.William.:)
Nice shots Eric!

I snapped these 3 on my way to the LHS, it was sitting on a siding in Peoria. I wasn't able to get any closer, as I didn't want any trouble as they had military loads on them.
A guy came into the shop today, I told him about that train, he said that at the Air Guard base he works at, I guess he maintains the flight simulator for them, that he saw them load flatbed after flatbed of military equipment at his facility. I wonder if something is afoot?
They look like Hand-me-downs to me. The Marine Corps IS getting rid of the 5ton trucks in favor of the 7 ton ones, those would be the 5ton trucks. Maybe We'll see batches of the 7ton trucks coming out of WI soon.
You can tell that from my bad picture angle ;) So who do they hand them down to?
Army right now, or scrappers...

P.S. Pic #2, third truck back, its got flats... :p Although its really only a guess.
Great shots Eric and David!

I'll have to get busy with my camera again as soon as the days start getting longer.
Thanks for sharing Eric and David!

It's nice to see wha'ts going on down your way. Hope the shots keep coming.