2007 NRHS steam excursion

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Well the 2007 NRHS is over now. But the pictures,
memories and many conversations with the folks
attending will be a lasting memory.I was able to chase
the last excursion, steam to Summerville, GA from
Chattanooga, TN. This excursion train was the longest
ever run on the C&C by TVRM, and also was sold out. It
was without a doubt, a very great day. I am still in
the process of working on some pictures of the train
departing Chattanooga, so we will pick up the train at
Chickamauga GA.

Southbound just beyond the depot in Chickamauga, GA:

Next I catch the train doing a photo-run-by between
Chickamauga and Rock Spring:

Next, I proceed to Rock Spring, where Robert Soule III
has set up one of classic cars to make the scene

I then proceed south, I set up a mile or so just south
of Trion so I can capture the the entire train working
up a slight grade before it enters Trion:

Here is a shot of the train in downtown Trion while
preparing for the photo-run-by. Here we are able to
see the entire 11 car train:

Well I arrive in Summerville about 5 minutes before
the train arrives. So I decided to to capture the
train arriving in town beside the depot:

This picture shows a timeless and classic scene.
People waiting to board the train while talking to the
conductor, which is standing next to the door of the
TVRM 906:

Following the train back north, I get my shots of the
train doing the last photo-run-by just south of Rock
Spring. I am driving down the road beside the spot
where earlier in the day I shot the train going south.
I stopped to look at the scene and see if I can get a
decent shot of the train passing this spot going
north. It pays off quite well and here are the results
of my effort:

Here is 610 crossing a road just north of Rock Spring.

Well the train pulls into the Chattanooga Choo-Choo
just about dusk. As the train unloads, I decide to get
a night shot of her. After many, many attempts of
getting the perfect shot, I finally get a shot with no
cars or people passing thru the scene. Here is the
last shot of the day and all the waiting and trying
paid off:

Thanks for looking and I hope that you enjoyed this
selection of pictures from the 2007 NRHS convention
excursions that I was able to photograph.


Diesel Detail Freak
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