10 June, New Weekend, What Are You Doing


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OK Folks, it's Friday again, time to tell us what you've completed this past week and what you have planned to do until next Friday.
fact is I guess I'm just lazy, other than shredding a bit of foam I've not done much except vegetate. The fingers have healed nicely (although the're not as flexible as they used to be) so maybe I'll get back at doing the GP9, and finishing the scenery on Bob's gully :D

Don't forget! to put a little time into taking a photo for this months contest.

Cheers Willis
I'm proud to say I get to see ALL my trains this next week:) I'm going home for a week and half! And I get to work on the projects I have, I got alot to do! Lotta painting, and planing my dad's layout too.
I'll get to "show off" my layout TWICE during the next week. Once to a friend we met through these very forums, and again to our son and his wife who will be with us from the midwest for several days.

Running the train is challenging due to a few small track irregularities. We've learned that even without relying on track power, "it ain't always easy." The loco and tender run fine, but the lightweight cars aren't nearly so forgiving of track imperfections.

An upcoming project will likely be to replace some of the sectional track with custom-bent and fitted pieces. For the time being, we'll just run her very slowly over the rough sections, and hope for the best.

At least I should be able to get one good picture for this month's contest. :)
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but the lightweight cars aren't nearly so forgiving of track imperfections.
Claudia, would it be possible to add a little weight to those cars? It might help out till you get the track replaced.
Cheers Willis
Thanks for the suggestion, Willis! That probably would help a lot. I also wonder if changing the plastic trucks to metal ones would work? In the meantime, I'll try loading some rocks in the boxcars and see what that does. :D
I have been building my frame for the layout, and communicating with a great guy who is redesigning my layout for me.

I'm Working on some kitbashed Units...
Sure would like to know a little more about the units..... That's something I'm interested in as most of mine are bashed from whatever fills the bill. :D
Cheers Willis
OK other than a large stock pot almost filled with shredded foam and leaf green dye, I got the GP9 louvers on the GP7 shell. Have to wait till tomorow when the glue is hardened to do the rough edges with an xacto blade. I'm not all that happy with it as the detail parts were too thick and too large so filing and cutting were the order of the day. ( after the formula 1 race :D)
Anyway a couple of pics.
Cheers Willis
I'm sure you could change those louvers,with some PLANO type louvers,A buddy used them when he did some CSX GP30 SLUGS...

PLANO type louvers
AH! if only I could get them, I believe they are brass. Weird situation here no hobbyshops close by, and they probably wouldn't order them if asked. I guess the DA louvers were better than nothing and it took months to get them. LOL had to finish my GP18 without them. I may build another later but that's far into the future. The next time I'll do more file work to make them paper thin. Thank's for the tip, what the heck might as well try another mail order, I have nothing to loose now.
Cheers Willis
Check out the Plano website they should have a Picture or 2 of the Louvers..

Yes I did that and they look just great. I also did a bit of drooling on the keyboard looking at all the different etchings for fans ect. But it's kind of expensive shipping minimum of $8 for a $2 item, since there's no hurry at this time I may try a couple of other routes, the hobby shop I order my stuff from, or see if there is enough stuff I need to make the shipping worthwhile. Thanks
Cheers Willis