0n30 climax arrived


Well, my Bachmann 0n30 climax arrived this morning and here are my findings.
It is a beautiful looking loco.
1 – On flat straight and level track, it is perfect and runs like a dream.
2 – On some 20” radius curves it tends to have a very slight rock.
3 - Climbing grades, no problem and still runs well.
4 – Going down grade, it is a CRAB, it jerks backwards and forwards until it reaches level trackwork whereby it carries on and runs once again like a dream.

My Bachmann 0n30 Shays also did this going down grade until I added a couple of shims, perhaps I shall have to take the climax apart (Geewizz) just to do the same. I would not have thought that Bachmann would have let this out on the market with this problem. Obviously they have never tried it up and down grade.

I have spoken to another owner of this loco and he found the same thing going down grade. So it isn’t just mine. A phone call to another person, and it’s the same.
What a pity.


> it jerks backwards and forwards

Yeah, well so does the real thing... :)

Meanwhile, that engine is GORGEOUS, I think I know which On30 loco I'm buying next...
Yeah, well at the price I paid for it, it shouldn't damn well jerk, won't buy another.
A real exquisite engine though.
I would not have thought that Bachmann would have let this out on the market with this problem.
Don't know but maybe they still think these models still go round in circles on a level track. Without a doubt you'll have it cured in no time, but you have to feel sorry for those who do not have the skill to fix a problem like that.
Cheers Willis
Well have now been in touch with Bachmann, and they do know about the problem and have assured me that a rectifiation of the problem will be available in due time. Apparently, this was discussed at a meeting and a Mr Riley is sorting it out.
they do know about the problem
And they still have it in production? What's wrong with this picture? Oh well in the meantime they are getting a name for themselves, as there are many who will complain, but won't contact them and will profess not to buy that brand again.

Cheers Willis
Probably rushed it to completion to try and get holiday sales for this year. Too bad.

She is beautiful, though. If I'm not careful, sometime next summer when they've got a corrected version out, I may get tempted to stray from my HO roots....