00 gauge, British railway, Goathland Station aka Hogwarts Station a real preservation station in England

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Jaz avalley

Station cat
Hello and welcome to my layout. It is based in my loft and actually has several dioramas and stations,but I decided to start with Goathland as it may be familiar to Harry Potter fans. There is also a British TV series called Heartbeat filmed here and in the nearby real village, which is based in the 1960s. The real station was closed down for some time, then re opened as a preservation line with several other stations so I also run any of the locomotives that have run here. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions or ask how I have modelled, weathered or done anything of interest. Welcome......



Goathland the layout is seen from the car park,the road comes out of the water and runs out to Goathland Village

some parts are sticking modelled

te real station almost modern day for comparison

Jaz avalley

Station cat
I also run the whole loft vanilla, as in true to a specific era with real context,BUT I have a cheeky side so Harry Potter is not the only Film or TV characters that run loose on my layout, som characters may not be familiar to my US viewer so I will start off with those that you might recognise....

DR WHO...if you are a sci fan it is likely this one you might recognise

DrWho is mostly on the diorama area as the only recognisable flying locomotive is hard to model :D

I have Daleks Cybermen any number of Dr Who’s plus of course the trusty TARDIS, which is available from Hornby models in 00 as it was an early police box wit hone snide and once upon a time was a familiar sight on English stews,nowadays with mobile phones the well red one booth and the more modern blur/grey versions are few and far apart.


Alien Attitude.
I like it. I have a figure of Death (Black cowl, skeleton figure, scythe) I'm waiting to find a home for. My pike is not yet far enough along for figure placement.

Jaz avalley

Station cat
I like it. I have a figure of Death (Black cowl, skeleton figure, scythe) I'm waiting to find a home for. My pike is not yet far enough along for figure placement...Ithink a certain Jim Carey character is going to need a home too :)
We picked up all sorts of items well before they had proper homes, as your layout develops it is sure to find a home...

Jaz avalley

Station cat

once turfed up and seeds for leaves it is ready for the layout

a bridge has a purpose and it is usually to cross over water, so of course you need a water feature, I’ll do a how I did mine soon

we are lucky in our loft to have velux windows and so have natural sunlight
tip...when I photograph water I sponge the ‘water’ clean it adds that thin layer of real water and enhances photographs, if you cannot water at least brush of the dust which will ruin reflective properties


diorama often looks best as though there has been recent activity, human or animal,here. The hanging tyre leaves you with a sense of children,maybe adult children coming here to play,the fox is a more likely visitor,and the abandoned locomotive,well some of you may recognise the livery :D
Hornby a British manufacture of 00 gauge has a soft spot for Thomas, not just locos but buildings too, again more of that later.
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Jaz avalley

Station cat
I love weathering nothing is safe…..

this was a toy 1:43, you can just squeeze it on the layout ifnothing else is there is give it away,and has beautiful detail being so much bigger

i loveVW s so have a number of models which then allows me scope to age them

Jaz avalley

Station cat
I will have a go at most things, and like coming up with original ideas, or at least ideas I have not copied from others,that said the sharing on the forum leads to lots of stuff to copy,or extrapolation for ‘new‘ ideas until you discover someone else did it before you.

some dogs have been modelled making life easier

some paint jobs give you more satisfaction

sometimes you can update a figure

changing a ‘Doberman’ on the left into a giant poodle

sometimes you need to resort to scratchbuild


Jaz avalley

Station cat
Dogs, a paint job for your dog is worth the hassle, sometimes this small you have to take a few attempts to get it believable


both had real dog photos for reference


this is not Goathland,but another part of the layout,the cove,but shows off the dogs in the far distance

a fox but in the ball park. And sheep out of the ball park….



Goathland often has sheep wander in from the moors and wandering about the vilage

they add believable detail,
i paint them white, then off white,then thinned black under belly around tail,black feet and part of faces,and the paint job a quick spray by farmers to identify, red/pink and green are popular. And means no more hot irons.

Jaz avalley

Station cat


I like to refer to a real place, yes it can be hard to source or make bits,but it helps you look at the details that make it seem more real, luckily for me Goathland is a widely modelled station and thus details such as benchs and even working lights are out there you just need to recognise the connection.
As Goathland runs as a preservation station it also allows you run a lot of eras, and it has been used for filming, not just Brit TV shows either, Harry Potter filmed here.

Jaz avalley

Station cat
They got a good bunch of track,track side architecture and town centre, no street lights and a little lacking road markings but I dare say they are on the todo list, I like they got a station and platform in

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