Below have a look on my 0-8-0 from LL-Heritage series. It got a DCC-sound-decoder and a normal DCC decoder. Both have the same address. Later I removed the connectors since I needed them only during configuration.
The sound decoder is made in Austria (CT-elektronik) and the the normal decoder comes from Germany (Kuehn decoder).

Looks Good. :) I ony have a standard Decoder in Mine. My sound units are in Diesels. Where did you mount the speaker?
Fits with this speaker 100% in the tender under the coal imitate!
I use the same decoder in an Athern Genesis F3, LL C-Liner, Bachmann Shay and LL-RDC. Next project is an LL RS10. These decoders can be programmed with wav-files. I found some original sound records in the WEB (Shay, Budd-RDC), did some resampling, cutting,...
You'll find some of my samples here


Select the "Diesel_US-Budd-RDC" and then the "RDC...Demo" file. It's from me for free usage.

But the best sounds come from Quantum (BL)! I have the UP Gas-Turbine since some weeks!!! Best of show!!!
Also the sound in BL E6 and the Maerklin PA are well-down!

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Can't agree with you more about the BLI. I have the E7 and it blew me out of the room when i first put it on the track. I have since toned it down, but the sound is incredible. Now if i can just learn to hit the right function key all the time, I will be real happy. Actually can't wait for the upgrade from NCE which will allow for all 12 function keys.
same to me... My start-up DCC system has only F0-F4. So my next system will be the LENZ Set 100 with F0-F12 since I ordered 4 more BLI loco's ( 2 steam and 2 switcher). Also the Quantum sound decoder will be available in other manufactureres locos in future. I think the Lenz system is also available in the US but also from ATLAS.
The NCE system also looks very good. I just download the NCE catalog. Have seen that the booster also provides 5Amp power... Hmmm... and the the wireless system is very interesting! :rolleyes:

Hi Hartmut,

Took a week off and went up the Coast of Maine. Lenz is sold here under it's own name. What Atlas sells is more like the product you first talked about with the F0 - F4 function keys. I went NCE because that is what our group uses. Matter of fact we will be installing a third system in September.

Lenz also looks very good and seems easy to work with.

Good luck with your decision.

Bob A.
Hi Bob,

will see in fall this year what to do. At the moment it's not "operating time" due to my layout is placed in the basement and weather is to good. Want to see the sun! So actually I'm building my first wooden model house kit you'll see here attached. No so simple as I thought!

So thanks and bye bye! :D