1. G

    Prototype Girder Bridge Support

    My c. 1947-55 layout (the GN in Montana) has a 40-foot long dry creek bed and a through girder bridge in need of a supporting structure. In the prototype, would a girder bridge ever be supported across its entire length by a trestle only or, as I've seen in a few photos, by stone or concrete...
  2. Some of my Models

    Some of my Models

    Just a test to test the uploading to our galleries
  3. Making the Grade

    Making the Grade

    The photographer's favorite spot called simply "The Loops". The author's "Texas Special" merchandise (train 242) headed by five SD units struggle with the 50 car train over the valley of early autumn yellow and green aspens. It is my favorite spot because the trains pass...
  4. wood trestle

    wood trestle

    wood trestle
  5. wood trestle

    wood trestle

    wood trestle
  6. Crossing "LeRoy's Trestle"

    Crossing "LeRoy's Trestle"

    A vintage pair of locomotives cross a vintage bridge, which was handbuilt by LeRoy DeGraff, one of our founding members.
  7. Ulah Trestle

    Ulah Trestle

    The ATSF pair crosses a trestle
  8. CSX Trestle

    CSX Trestle

    Located outside Trafford, Al over the Locust Fork.
  9. FA-1s on Redrock trestle

    FA-1s on Redrock trestle

    An FA-1 AB set sits quietly on the trestle just a few hundred metres from the summit after stalling out, and it will have to wait for a pair of GP9s to come from the helper base before it can continue
  10. freight train at the trestle

    freight train at the trestle

    engine Life Like\'s P2K 0-8-0 with ESU sound decoder, trestle scratchbuild, scenery at FREMO-modul with nearly two feet of track. Tree build and engine weathered by my friend Peter. Building the module Westport Terminal RR
  11. Trestle with 3 ' track

    Trestle with 3 ' track

    scratchbuild King post trestle, following an article in MR. This trestle is on a module, curved with 2m (nearly 7 feet) radius, 78 cm (nearly 3 feet) long. This was my first American style modul. Westport Terminal RR
  12. Train over water

    Train over water

    Life Like 0-8-0 at scratchbuild trestle, beach Westport Terminal RR
  13. 0-8-0 at trestle

    0-8-0 at trestle

    Life Likes P2K at a scratchbulld trestle Westport Terminal RR