1. ctclibby

    MRC Universal 16Bit sound/decoder ( EMD 567 )

    Good Morning Gals and Guys! Was sifting through my crap to classify it and found multiples; 8 NiB. I have decided NOT to upgrade power that already has a decoder but no sound. If they happen to have sound when bought, so be it. I have multiple engines that are DC only so it looks like a ton of...
  2. GuilfordRailman

    Anybody familiar with the Kato Analog Sound Box?

    Is anybody familiar with this product? I’m looking to find a way in which to add sound to my DC micro layout.
  3. S

    Digital Dynamics Sound Board

    DO NOT BUY from Digital Dynamics Horrible communication and shipping takes 3 weeks or more. If you have issues very slow and bad communication!! He won't return calls rarely returns emails. Won't even return emails about shipping tracking numbers. Definitely does not...
  4. tnolan55

    Sd70mac sound

    I recently bought an athearn genesis CSX sd70mac and am planning on putting sound in it. What is the best sound decoder for this locomotive?
  5. F

    dcc locomotive question

    i have a dcc layout i use bachmann ez command, my question is does it matter what brand of dcc loco i use, do i have to use only bachmann locos or what do i look for, i would like to find one with dcc sound, anything special i need to lokk for thanks
  6. M

    Atlas C420 Doppler Shift Problem

    I recently purchased a HO scale C420 with sound and DCC. When I run it on my Digitrax DCC layout the button F6 witch is supposed to be the doppler shift does not operate the doppler, instead it just gives me a read out of my locomotives speed. That is when it is running. When it is in neutral...
  7. FBL switcher

    FBL switcher

    This Kato NW 2 got sound decoder. Westport Terminal RR needed a new switcher. They bought an old BN switcher. It got the new paint scheme. 'Free Merchandise organization Belt LINES', briefly FREMO BELT LINES.
  8. station stop

    station stop

    It was an RDC from Athearn but got a new can motor with new mechanic. And some details along with sound.
  9. BN 6254

    BN 6254

    Atlas Master Gold SD24 with QSI Quantum Sound owned by Josh D.
  10. WT 350 switching at Westport

    WT 350 switching at Westport

    This engine was bought from the SOO, ready for scrap. But Westport Terminal RR needed engines! Some fine day this engine will get new paint. This RS-1 started its life at Atlas. It got an ESU sound decoder. Westport Terminal RR
  11. Sound Barrier

    Sound Barrier

    Sound barriers are placed next to the reefer units to keep noise within city tolerance.