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    Aerial Photo Tour: RJ Corman Sand Train

    I haven't chased this train yet, but I do have a few photos of the Lexington end. RJ Corman pulls a Sand Train from Louisville to Lexington, Kentucky, three to six days a week. Each train is 15 to 30 gondolas. The train is loaded at Nugent Sand, on the Ohio River: Nugent Sand, Google...
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    Sand Facility

    This facility is on the CSX in Georgia. The track itself is the remnant of the Atlanta and West Point mainline connection to the Georgia Railroad's Hulsey Yard. The Bing Bird's Eye view is here. With it, you can easily see that there is plenty of room for an entire unit train of sand. While...
  3. NYC Diesel Servicing Facility

    NYC Diesel Servicing Facility

    The F7 is on passenger short turn around service every thing must be done with in 30 minutes, inspection, fuel, boiler water and sand. NYC_George
  4. Sand Plant

    Sand Plant

    A close up of sand plant near Mapleton, Pa