new layout

  1. FeatherRiver

    Wild Horse Wye Layout by Feather River

    As suggested by another Forum Member, I am starting a new thread here to show-case my latest MRR layout project. The name I chose for this project is "L & S" - which I believe "fits" the shape of the track plan. (See attachment included below.) Start of layout construction is expected to be...
  2. BunkerTheHusky

    Like a phoenix from the ashes, I have returned!

    Hello everyone! I would like to do a bit of a quick re-introduction of myself. My name is Bunker! I am an N-scaler, scratchbuilder / painter, and 3D modeler who have had the model railroad bug since a child back in the 90s. I became a member of this forum back in mid-2020, and was starting to...