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  1. G

    Buying model railroad items from

    I keep seeing this website: appear in my searches for various locos and rolling stock. Has anyone ever used this site before?
  2. R

    The Progression of my HO Scale Modules Part 2 of my 3 part series has been uploaded. Hope you guys are enjoying the progression of my modules. Part two is pretty fun but I promise that part 3 with have the most interesting content yet. Stay tuned!
  3. engineerkyle

    Farm Silos

    Hi All, In the 1940's, these glass lined, air tight silos were a symbol of prestige throughout the Midwest. Then, they began to exhibit defects, especially in the conveyor systems. This, coupled with farm failures in subsequent decades, led to the familiar glossy blue silos symbolizing...
  4. DoctorZ

    My "Deer Haven" Garden Railroad Layout Video

    Okay, I'm showin' it off, here's some scenes and a cab ride from my Garden Railroad Open House last July 19th. Enjoy!
  5. DoctorZ

    The NMRHA HO-Scale Model Railroad Layout. MUST SEE!

    This is one of the best HO Layouts I've seen in awhile! The Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage Association (Northern Trackers) in Cross Lake, MN, have outdone themselves with this one. This layout has over 5 scale miles of track which winds through 9 small Northern Minnesota towns during the...
  6. AyalaBotto

    English Electric Diesel Locomotive Class 1400 CP (Portuguese Railways)

    Hi, This is one of my recent projects: the English Electric Diesel Locomotive Class 1400 of CP (Portuguese Railways) in the standart orange/brown colour scheme, built for a customer. Portugal ordered a total of 50 Diesel Class 1400 locomotives from English Electric. The first bath of 10...
  7. AyalaBotto

    Plasser & Theurer Kibri 16090 16050 16070 26250

    Hi, In order to commemorate "500 Likes" in my model trains page in just 13 months (!), I decided to produce a photo regarding this milestone. These are the models shown on the above photo: Plasser & Theurer 09-3x Stofexpress Dynamic Tamping Express Machine with integrated...
  8. AyalaBotto

    Plasser & Theurer DGS 62 N Track Stabiliser - Kibri 16070

    Hi, As this Kibri model was built for a friend, the following photos shows the model I built in my friend's layout: Regards, Ayala Botto Facebook: "Ayala Botto Model Trains"
  9. AyalaBotto

    New Member: Ayala Botto from Lisbon, Portugal

    Hi, I would like to introduce my self, saying I'm a railway model fan that produces my own models and modified others in order to produce diferent ones not available in shops. My scale is H0 and I use the Märklin (AC) system. So I transform all DC and DCC locomotives in order to work in my...
  10. E

    Interesting Model Railroad Infographic

    Check out this infographic we created about model trains. Trains are the oldest form of mechanical transport and often carry a sense of nostalgia for those riding in them or watching them. First created as a way to promote locomotive transportation to those who had not seen trains before...