1. Blair Line Church

    Blair Line Church

    A completed Blair Line Church kit. The kit even comes with stained glass windows depicting biblical events.
  2. Amalgamate hill traverse

    Amalgamate hill traverse

    The lower line pushes North from Anglin Oil spur and will traverse Amalgamate hill as it heads toward Five Oaks station.
  3. The C & S West Shortline extends Main line!

    The C & S West Shortline extends Main line!

    The line is pushing West & North toward the Triple Star? Silver Mine as this upper Main Line encircles Amalgamate Hill. This cross over of the lower line has been a troublesome spot from the beginning so now that I seem to have it resolved things really start to progress.
  4. Welcome to Sedalia

    Welcome to Sedalia

    Train 2, the Royal Gorge, rolls into Sedalia for a brief station stop before heading up the Joint Line to Denver.