1. Jupiter60

    Tosays project: finally painting and lettering my kitbashed (2 roundhouse overton cars) into Sierra Railroad Coach no. 2.

  2. R

    Part 2 of my kitbash of the Holt Hotel

    I continue my kit bash of the Holt Hotel, scratch building and installing trim and adding windows and weathering.
  3. R

    Kitbashing a Plastic Structure

    It is always a challenge to find a kit that can be transformed (kitbashed) into a prototype structure you need. I show you some techniques as I kitbash the Holt Hotel (part 1).
  4. Cotton Belt SD45T-2

    Cotton Belt SD45T-2

    A kitbashed 45T-2 that I built about 7 years ago, I used an Athearn 40T-2 and an RPP 45-2 shell. Unit as it would appear circa 1990 (note signal lights removed). Many details scratchbuilt. I actually built it as a dummy with battery-powered headlight for constant lighting!
  5. CB&CNS MLW C630M  2038

    CB&CNS MLW C630M 2038

    Kitbash using Tycos and an Athearn U33C with detail parts.
  6. The Start Of Little Harbour Fisheries

    The Start Of Little Harbour Fisheries

    My rendition of a fish buying dealer and processing plant in the maritimes around the 70's The building is from an IHC Railroad Express Station kit. The wharf was built from balsa for planks and cat tail stems for posts. The ship is a full hull model of a North Atlantic Trawler which is...
  7. Sir Charles Tupper   CB&CNS MLW RS18  3675

    Sir Charles Tupper CB&CNS MLW RS18 3675

    Model was kitbashed from an old Life Like RS11 body, mounted on a modified Athearn GP7 frame and drive