1. G

    How Do I Remove or Fix Matte Clear Coat on Structure Window Panes?

    In the process of spraying a structure I’m working on with Matte clear coat to cover weathering powders, I got some of the clear coat on the plastic window panes I attached to the structure. How do I remove the clear coat or fix this issue? I read that applying a gloss coat over the matte coat...
  2. Graff

    San Miguel herald, an O scale building kit

    Hi all, I received a small package this morning. A plastic kit for an O scale house that I found on Wish com.
  3. Johannes

    Extra Faller Ho scale parts

    Hey! I've just finished building the Faller 130908 vineyard garden restaurant, and i ended up with an excessive amount of extra parts that the instructions doesn't mention. Does anyone have the same experience with other kits?
  4. R

    Fun with Arduino - a Series of Introductory Videos

    I bet almost everyone here at the forum has heard about the Arduino and how much fun and how useful it can be to model railroaders and other hobbyists. Price is no issue, an Arduino can be had at about $3,-. But not every hobbyist has affinity with electronics or with software. To some the...
  5. Blair Line Church

    Blair Line Church

    A completed Blair Line Church kit. The kit even comes with stained glass windows depicting biblical events.
  6. Siesta


  7. LaBelle stock car kit

    LaBelle stock car kit

    The sheep can come !
  8. A

    First wood kit

    Greetings all, and Happy Holidays! After the dust settles some I will go into the LaBelle wood caboose kit Santa brought me; the first wood kit I have tried to build and the first model RR project in about.....35 years. I'm writing to ask 1) what kind of glue is recommended for this type of...
  9. The Farmhouse

    The Farmhouse

    Built from a kit, January 2005.