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    Looking for HOn3 models of D&RG Class 56/ Class 60 aka C-16 Early Version.

    I was looking to see where I can get HOn3 models of the D&RG Class 56/ Class 60 locomotives before rebuilding. I can't find Kemtron's kit versions anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find some models of these locomotives, or what I can use to convert some RTR models? Any answers will be...
  2. my Hon3 roster

    my Hon3 roster

  3. scratch built 30' Hon3 boxcar

    scratch built 30' Hon3 boxcar

    kadee trucks and couplers, grandt line nut and bolt castings, everything else from scratch
  4. SPL 30' ventilated boxcar

    SPL 30' ventilated boxcar

  5. ventilated boxcar

    ventilated boxcar

    scratch built 30' boxcar
  6. Biffy


    a new scratch built car
  7. Siesta


  8. LaBelle stock car kit

    LaBelle stock car kit

    The sheep can come !
  9. A novelty transport  from down the line.

    A novelty transport from down the line.

    The narrow gauge log car with it's link and pin couplers sat for the longest time on an out of the way siding down the line and the boys figured it was just too interesting to just let it lay there so they hauled it back. The ramshackled flat is evidently privately owned as it hasn't seen much...
  10. modeltrainstuff

    HOn3 Anyone?

    Just curious if we have any HOn3 modelers on this forum. With the increase of readily available, and ready to run rolling stock is seems that the scale is becoming more popular. Blackstone, Micro-Trains as well as a few others are putting out some nice stuff!
  11. Some new built DPMs

    Some new built DPMs

    And they are still playing.