ho scale trains

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    Looking for my grandpas GN X5136 build

    Hello there, I'm looking for a crane and it's flat car that my late grandfather built, that was sold to Scale Model Supplies, in St. Paul, Minnesota along with about 95% of his collection when he passed. It was not my decision what was kept or sold. I learned later that this build was a...
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    Which Speaker to Upgrade an HO Scale Rapido F40PH "Cabbage" from DC to DCC with Sound?

    Hi everyone, I have two beautiful HO Scale Rapido F40 NPCUs that are currently only wired for DC operation. I'd love to add DCC sound and lighting functionality, and saw that Rapido suggests the ESU #59529 - LokPilot 5 DCC with 21MTC decoder in their manual for the locomotive, but here's my...
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    Mehano Steam locomotive locks up

    Hi there i have a Mehano Union Pacific 2-6-0 steam locomotive after a while it will just lock up. And all I have to do is move it back and forth a few times and it frees up wondering if anyone else has these type of issues with there Mehano Thanks in advance for the answers.
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    The Progression of my HO Scale Modules

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-_P6-vqvpE Part 2 of my 3 part series has been uploaded. Hope you guys are enjoying the progression of my modules. Part two is pretty fun but I promise that part 3 with have the most interesting content yet. Stay tuned!