ho gauge

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    New to here and trains

    Probably sometime in the 70s or early 80’s I’m guessing I had a train though I was honestly too young to appreciate it and I’m not even sure what happened to it or when other then it was easily coming off the tracks It was a oval layout with a crossover through at somewhere maybe almost...
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    Detail orientation

    Just started putting together a covered hopper from Accurail and the kit and directions seem to be inconsistent. The part is keyed.
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    metal freight trucks shorting out (ulrich)

    Hey all, an intermediate ho scale modeller here. I purchased 6 pair of the Ulrich, fully sprung, all metal trucks (sideframes, bolsters, wheel sets). Had to do some filing to allow the bolster to freely move, and then fully assemble the trucks. Once mounted to the freight cars, i learned that...
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    Combining Gauges in Layouts

    I want to build a layout that will have both HO and S gauge. I'm thinking of the HO would be on a higher level in the back and the S gauge in the front. With the HO being smaller it will looks like it belongs with it further back. At least that is what people tell me. But not sure where to...