1. WCTR GP38-2 604

    WCTR GP38-2 604

    A revised photo of this WCTR unit. Since a couple of months ago, I have added jewels into the classification lights as well as the headlights, ditch lights, a horn, and handrails. Along with the SW9 set, this engine is also equiped with Automatic Train Control.
  2. BN 2175

    BN 2175

    Atlas Master GP38 with custom weathering (light) by Robert S. and ditch lights by my son Chad.
  3. CSX 2102

    CSX 2102

    CSX 2102 waits at Jackson Tower for a new crew. Taken at the Essex Train Show 2005
  4. Atlas GP38 B&P #2000

    Atlas GP38 B&P #2000

    An Atlas Master GP38, the only thing I've done to it is to replace the original couplers with Kadee #58's - and that was for looks only, as the originals worked fine. It'll be interesting to see how it works under DCC in a few days.
  5. An artsy shot

    An artsy shot

    Due to flash issues on my digital camera, this photo didn't work in full color. Playing with the contrast controls did yield this interesting shot.
  6. Hear the rumble....

    Hear the rumble....

    B&P 2000, an Atlas GP38, leads a string of woodchip hoppers and a covered hopper past the Cascade Warehouse spur in Salem, OR on my HO Scale Willamette & Pacific
  7. GP38


    An Atlas GP38 in the stock Buffalo & Pittsburgh scheme. Currently acting as a "loaner" on my layout representing the B&P's sister railroad, the Willamette & Pacific