1. Cobalt Creek

    Cobalt Creek

    This layout was designed to fit the dimensions of a hollow core door, and uses Kato Unitrack. The track plan is based on the Carolina Central, and fits into a space less than 7x3ft.
  2. Siesta


  3. LaBelle stock car kit

    LaBelle stock car kit

    The sheep can come !
  4. Silver Creek trestle

    Silver Creek trestle

  5. That Climax is scareing all the fish away!!!!

    That Climax is scareing all the fish away!!!!

    "Darn those logging trains can go anywhere!!! And this blasted one is scareing away all the fish!!!!"
  6. Stone Creek

    Stone Creek

    This is an old photo of Stone Creek and the I-girder bridge in the background. The bridge has been replaced because the radius was to small for 50 car trains. Stone Creek is still a part of my 24' X 30' NYC Janesville Branch Layout. NYC_George