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    Detailing circus flat cars

    After years of collecting up all the Circus train cars and wagons I now find myself ready to start enjoying the hobby since I'm stuck in the house with a new hip and going stir-crazy! Years ago I was surfing on line and found a great article on how to detail and weather circus flat cars using...
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    I'd like to buy a circus themed model railroad set up

    I am a circus performer and would like to buy a circus model railroad display. I will be adding to it, building it, and enjoying it with my kids, but don't want to start from scratch. Please let me know of any displays that may be available. Thank you!
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    Walthers Great Circus Train Accessories

    I am a resident of Australia and have been attempting to collect HO Circus wagons and other accessories from the Walthers Series. Has any complete, definitive list ever been generated? All of my models have come from eBay and I keep seeing different ones every now and then. I am wondering...