1. BN 2175

    BN 2175

    Atlas Master GP38 with custom weathering (light) by Robert S. and ditch lights by my son Chad.
  2. SD 60Ms

    SD 60Ms

    BN SD 60Ms owned by Drew M.
  3. BN+VIA+CP?


    Who else but powershort CP would run such a strange consist? BN C-Liner VIA F40PH-2 CP F7B Sure gets the job done.
  4. Unpatched, but Still a Beauty!

    Unpatched, but Still a Beauty!

    An unpatched Burlington Northern (BN) SD70MAC in the Executive Paint Style!
  5. HO BN 980

    HO BN 980

    My first and only locomotive so far is BN 980, a fictional C-Liner I got as part of a trainset.
  6. BN 249241 (EX-RBOX) ACF box car

    BN 249241 (EX-RBOX) ACF box car

    I promise not to bore you with too many more! Hehe. I just like this former RAIL BOX car that was purchased by BURLINGTON NORTHERN. It's based on a real car and I even tried to copy the graffiti. This is MrKLUKE car#118 and it features some different things for me. First, I modified the door so...
  7. BN 453688 (EX-CB&Q) PEELING PAINT


    Hello world! I weather HO freight cars and this was one of my more interesting projects (MrKLUKE car#121). It was based on a real car of the same number. It's an EX-CB&Q hopper than was painted after that railroad became part of the BURLINGTON NORTHERN. Lots of the paint was peeling off the...