big boy

  1. J

    Help identify what is connected to my Rivarossi Big boy

    I bought this locomotive used and when inspecting it I noticed there was a decoder attached to the locomotive. I was wondering if someone could help me identify what this is used for or what it does. When testing it, it didn’t respond Thanks
  2. blackz28

    big boy blow out

    A certain vender , got a few rivarossi big boys brand new but turns out the decoders are dead & since this hobby shop is mostly RC they dont want to turn them back in so they are blowing out the big boys for 149 dollars a piece so what is the best decoder to replace it with im wanting to go...
  3. D

    Installing decoders in Rivarossi 5412 4-8-8-4 big boy up #4000

    Good Afternoon, Does anyone know of a company or individual that installs decoders in the loco identified above. Thanks Dan
  4. DoctorZ

    Train Ride with O-Scale BIG BOY #4012 Locomotive in the Lead!

    Brand new video I just uploaded today from the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum O-Scale layout: Enjoy!